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tv   News  ABC  April 19, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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you know the radar is just too small doesn't pick up -- or the drops on the radar too small. but we have the patchy fog and that's out there this morning. we have about three mile visibility in baltimore right now. five in easton. three in frederick, six hagerstown and going to take a while before the numbers get back up to ten. that's the way we like to see it. maryland's most powerful radar as of now pretty much dry. all the wet weather going to the east, still a couple of showers around ocean city but all in all that will be out of here and nice and clear by around 8:00 this morning. now a check of the traffic with angela. good morning how are the roads with the slick conditions and the patchy fog? that's right lynette. we are dealing with that and a couple of accidents out there so you may want to plan for extra travel time the possible this morning. because we have the patchy fog and as far as the accidents go, a new one reported on the avenue at tenth street. police are on the scene there. and we're still at pratt and conklin and also at wabash between garrison and northern parkway. but if you're traveling on the
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beltway we are still? good shape for the most part. on the north side here at green spring avenue we have a live shot of the jfx in addition to the work zone. you can see the flashing lights there. we're still blocking a right lane. northbound 83 at cole spring lane, with the accident activity there. and also want to remind you if you plan to take mta today we are good to go there. according to mark jones there are no delays on the rail lines or bus services this morning so far. a tip about drug activity led police to a home in northwest baltimore where they found what they're calling a dog fighting ring. now one man's in custody and eight dogs have been seized from that home. abc2 news sherrie johnson is here with the latest in the case. >> reporter: this morning police are investigationing this as an -- investigating this as an animal cruelty case. two of the dogs had facial scarring but in general, their body condition was pretty good and they're pretty friendly. neighbors don't believe anything illegal was going on at the home but police got a
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tip about drug activity in the home of the 2900 block of virile avenue. police say they found drugs in the home and a dog fighting ring. the owner of the dogs johnny taylor was taken into custody. a fen of the taylors said he had many dogs but investigators found enough evidence to charge him. >> it was medications there. there were a bunch of dogs there and dog fighting manuals there. that showed there may be an indication that there's dog fighting there. >> he was actually nice. he actually looked out for the kids. i've never seen any dog fighting or anything like that. >> reporter: police didn't say if they believe dogs happened at that home -- dog fights happened at that home in northwest baltimore. johnny taylor faces eight counts of animal cruelty along with the drug possession charge. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. today students at the university of maryland will
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usual the governor to call a -- urge the governor to call a special session. they will rally in an efferent to prevent the budget from taking effect. if it does $50 million would be cut from the university of maryland. this would lead to drastic tuition increases for students there. our credit rating agency calls state officials this weekend with concerns over the unresolved budget situation and a representative from moody's investor services warned that counties could face a downgrade in their bond ratings. the representative was assured that our state will have applianced budget before the next fiscal year. whether through a special session or cuts by the board of public works. today the governor is going to be talking about the chesapeake bay. he's going to be at mike's crab house to make an important announcement about the blue crab fishery and the health and the future of the bay. this is going to happen at 11:00 this morning. we'll keep you posted on how it goes. news around the nation this morning, a woman in jail in texas has admitted to gunsing down a woman and stealing her 3-
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day-old son. she told her fiancee she'd given birth to their child and went looking for another baby. she shot can killed a woman and stole the child. the boy was safely recovered. and a dramatic rescue took place on lake michigan. two men rescued after spending several minutes on the side of the overturned the sailboat. they were being pounded by waters and officials say it appears the two were drinking alcohol before the accident. they both were taken to a hospital. the men though are expected to be okay. pat summitt is resigning as tennessee's women's basketball coach. toptop released a statement -- tennessee released a statement on wednesday announcing the news. she will be helping with the replacement. the year comes less than a year after diagnosis with on set dementia. she loved being head coach but recognizes the time has come to
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step into a new role. associate head coach holly warlick has been named summit's successor. take a look at this. you may not want to but you should because an unusual protester in oregon caused quite a stir with people at the portland airport because of this. they got quite an eyeful. he was passing through security and he stripped down to nothing. and witnesses say that he was pulled aside for an extra search. >> seems like -- you know am i doing anything illegal and am i good to go through now in trying the make a point. >> he made a point. police say he was protesting against the screeners because he thought he was being harassed. he's been arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and indecent exposure. >> so many things. so many things. all right the boston red sox have not decided -- now decided they're going to do something special for their
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fans. they hid three tickets in green balloons and hid them around the city. five of the 100 balloons held tickets to the game. the rest have two tickets for regular games throughout the season. the red sox fans could be in for a treat. well, former mayor dixon certainly gave comedians enough material during her time in office. >> if the roast and toast of dixon, everything is fair game. it's all in the name of charity. money from that will go to the agape house. also the organization that dixon worked for during her court ordered community service. she resigned in 2010 after being found guilty of embezzlement. tilts are $35 -- tickets are $35. here's a couple we should all aspire it can like. >> absolutely, today they celebrate their 70th anniversary. we're keeping them together for so long. >> and rocker ted nugent could
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soon be getting a visit from the secret service. the controversial remarks he made about president barack obama. >> and spring-like temperatures are on tap for today. but another cooldown is on the way. i'll have those details coming up. >> and before you get to the spring-like temperatures this morning you will have a little bit of patchy fog out there to contend with on this thursday morning drive. we've got details straight ahead.
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in a wedding anniversaries they can come and go for most couples but today this is no ordinary anniversary. >> this is so cool because today anthony of baltimore county and his wife june are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. june was 15 and anthony was 16 when they first met. they won an abc2 news local version of "dancing with the stars" contest. i take it that's the video we're looking at from several years ago. they went to california and happy anniversary to them. >> dancing. that's how we met. >> i was 18. proud of it. >> it's really great. it gets better as the years go
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by. i probably love her more now than when i met her. >> anthony will be 90 in june. he's a veteran of world war ii. take a look at this. this was a beautiful picture of them when they wed back in 1942. this was a recent picture of them. they have five children, 13 grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. happy anniversary. what an inspiration, that's a huge milestone. >> what's the secret. >> they're having fun. you may have said negative things about this carrier before. >> but test a cell known now for care -- phone now for carriers that's proven them wrong. what pc world is now saying about that global carrier at&t. >> and many mothers are finding it a pain to work outside the home. how the costs are adding up.
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5:44 and three secret service members had been removed from the agency but officials says that just the first step in this prostitution scandal coming out of south america. sherrie johnson has the latest in that ongoing investigation. >> reporter: charlie, all new this morning, a colombian woman who claims she was the escort
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who partied with the americans is speaking out and three secret service officials are out of a job as new details emerge in this investigation. the colombian woman says she argued with the secret service agent over the bill for her services at avenue a night in -- after a night in colombia. prostitution is legal in colombia and the woman says the night started at a local strip club where she agreed to go back to a hotel with an american man for $800 but the next morning she says she would only pay her $200. the police came in and the man agreed to pay $200. one official has resigned and another supervisory employee was allowed to retire and the agency dismiss another employee because of the scandal. >> as far as the culture, you got to change that culture. heads don't roll under these circumstances, no behavior changes. >> nothing thus far that's been revealed. the investigation will take place and we'll be able to know
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but nothing so far. >> reporter: now the scandal may go beyond the secret service. as many as ten people from all branches of the u.s. armed forces are being questioned about potential misconduct. this includes five members of the elite army special forces. the military personnel were sent to colombia to support the secret service. sherrie johnson. abc2 news. his comments about indirectly involving president barack obama now getting some agency attention. at an annual nra meeting ted said quote if barack obama becomes the president in november again, i will either be dead or in jail by this time next year. end quote. the musician's comments are gaining juteny because he -- scrutiny because he endorse mitt romney. now some analysts are questioning whether or not nugent was alluding to violence against the president. space shuttle discovery will be delivered to the museum
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in northern virginia. there's a public ceremony taking place this afternoon. thousands watched the shuttle on the 747 to dc and yesterday the shuttle is -- rather the shuttle is going to be retired to the air and space museum where people can see it in person. the u.s. holocaust museum is holding a day of ore hem ambulance at -- a day of remembrance. this is a live picture here in baltimorthis year's observance is choosing to act, stories of rescue. the lady baltimore is getting a new home. the board of estimates approved the battle monument restoration project. the price tag is going to be around $150,000 and the work is coinciding with the bicentennial and the war of 1812. if you have the need for download speeds, switch to at&t charlie. >> okay. >> because the pc world has -- i was just letting you know because we were looking at your
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face. it tested the 3 g and 4 g wireless speed of different carriers, at&t has the fastest download speeds. they were ahead of verizon who is best if you constantly upload your photos. but something to keep in mind. i know you're a big tech guy. >> i do use at&t. >> you do upload photos. it's getting harder for working to mothers to justify going to work. many moms are finding that it doesn't pay to work outside of the home. once they figure in child care the cost of domestic disputing and other -- commuting and other work related expenses, most say that child care is by far the greatest expense. listen to this, in 2010 the cost of putting two children in child care exceeded median annual rent payments in every single state. women have been hit hard in the recession. about 177,000 women left the work force in march either voluntarily or because of layoffs and dismissals. that's the bureau of labor statics. we want to know what you think about the study and it's on the
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facebook fan page about the cost of child care. is it more than your salary? head over to facebook and weigh in. think about the first date you ever had with your significant other. would you want to marry the person -- marry them at the location where you met? >> it was here so no. not that i don't love the deuce but this is not where i wanted to get married. >> mine was at the university of arkansas. i met my wife outside the building where i worked and no i wouldn't want to marry already there. >> meet the couple will and julie. they met walking down the aisle through the kitchen supplies and in the restaurant in ikea. so the couple they have known each other since high school. but then they reconnected over a plate of the swedish meat balls at the furniture store and they said their i dos there. >> ikea did just a beautiful job of just everything they provided for us. and we're speechless. >> they are the first couple to
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get married at the college park ikea so congratulations to them. it's memorable and unique. time now for are a check of the forecast. rain yesterday and rain coming for the weekend. >> yes. oh, yeah. and this is a good thing smile charlie. we need that rain. and today we get a break if you don't like the rain. because we will be seeing lots of sunshine. but before we get that sunshine in here, let's talk about the patchy fog that we're dealing this morning. so be careful out on the roadways. put a lot of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. high pressure will build in later for today but this is the visibility that you have to work with this morning. only three miles in baltimore. five in easton right now. if your travels take you into delaware five there as well. nine in wilmington and that's where we need to get to as we go through the rest of the morning especially by the afternoon we will be sailing high and free. right now temperatures are at 50 degrees in baltimore. 50 in easton. 52? it can. upper 40s in york and also culpepper, we should be at 44- degrees to give you a little
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bit of perspective for this time of the year for the low temperatures. just a few degrees above that. more seasonable for today. you see that big h on the map. yes, you know what you're work welcome right no we're going to be working with plenty of sunshine a little bit later on in the day. we have to wait for the clouds to burn off. but then you're looking at this approaching cold front back off towards the west there. this is what's poise today move in as we go into the weekend and it will couple possibly with a low pressure system that's riding along the coast. with that, that could join together and be bringing us some drought busting rain. definitely have my fingers crossed for that one. but there's the cold front that's going to work its way in here. if you're going to be doing something son saturday, i suggest you do it earlier on because the rain will really come in here as we go more into the afternoon and evening time frames but for today that temperature coming in right around 68 degrees. let's get a check now of the traffic with angela now. good morning, patchy fog out there. we are dealing with patchy fog and a lot of accidents already for the thursday morning drive. some good news on the jfx. we have reopened the northbound lane at cole spring lane where
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we have that earlier collision and now a new accident in anne arundel police on the scene in edge water, 2 at mayo road. here's a live look at 695 and liberty road. pretty much from this point on you can expect delays on the outer loop of the beltway. a top speed right now but of course volume is getting a bit heavier and it looks like rush hour is getting busier on u.s. 50. 5 live look at 50 and 97. no accidents to report on 50 but a lot more volume especially on the westbound side. charlie and megan back to you. coming up the president welcomed the nascar winner this week. >> and today he honors a championship football team. we have more on the winning history straight ahead. >> and tragic anniversary. remembering those who deed in the oklahoma -- died in the oklahoma city bombing. another anniversary today when "good morning maryland" continues on this thursday.
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president barack obama will today welcome the bcs national champion alabama chipson tide to the white house. roll tide. honoring their 14th championship. the president will also honor the team for its community service efforts in tuscaloosa following the 2011 rash of deadly tornadoes. a memorial service is happening today for the police
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chief killed during a drug raid in greenland, new hampshire last week. chief michael maloney was just weeks away from retirement. the service begins at noon at an area high school. and today marks the 17th anniversary of the oklahoma city bombing. that blast killed 168 people and 19 of them were children. the man convicted of the bombing was executed in 2001. a ceremony is being held later morning. her parents say they have tried everything but their little girl just doesn't seem to get the message. >> the discipline and decision they've made right now and the school officials led to them calling police. >> also ahead this morning, washing dishes, cooking and even guarding. how it can help low you are the chances of -- loiter chances of alsoize -- lower the chances of alzheimer's. >> couldtizeers be on -- advertisers be on game jerseys? >> the heavy rain has yet to arrive. those details coming glum and even with the light rain a
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little bit slippery out there and some patchy fog for your thursday morning drive. a look at what you can expect once you head out the door coming up next. achoo! nasal allergy symptoms
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he was one of a kind. and he will forever be young in my heard. i loved him. >> a pie peer in television, this morning a look back


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